Are “Cheap” Carbs Really Like Drugs To Your Brain?

As global warming heats waterways, brain-eating amoebas thrive in US lakes

Beware of the “brain-eating amoebas” that roam in lakes throughout the US! Sounds scary, huh? These amoebas, commonly known as PAM, enter through your nasal passage and right into your brain. There it multiples and eventually kills about 3-8 people a year. Now it’s spreading further North in the US and researchers are beginning to worry. There’s no cure for this infestation of the brain, and it’s extremely hard to even diagnose. See where these amoebas are and were about they’re spreading to.

It’s a fatal infection without an effective treatment, and one that strikes in a decidedly gruesome manner: An amoebic organism lurking in water is inadvertently inhaled during a swim on a hot …

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Babies Recognize Each Other’s Moods, Study Says

Looks like the show Rugrats was not just another fun kids show, but a portrayal of the scientific truth. Babies, starting at around 5 months, can communicate with other babies better than some adult could. They sense each others emotions and feelings, infants can understand what is going on. Here’s the study scientists conducted in order to find out the what’s going on. These little rugrats know more than we think.


Babies know when other babies are behaving badly. Now if only they could scold each other… When I used to babysit my infant niece, I often panicked when she started to cry. Was she hungry? Tired? Cold? In need of a diaper change? I struggled to interpret her scrunched-up, tear-stained face.

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Study: Are “Cheap” Carbs Really Like Drugs To Your Brain?

Are you addicted to “cheaper” forms of energy from your foods? That’s an odd thought, being addicted to food. Researchers conducted experiments on 11 over-weight men in order to see if these simple cravings some people may have come from the foods you eat, making them addictive behaviors. Check out this extremely interesting article to find out more about possible addictive foods.

Is sugar really like a drug to your brain? A new study suggests it may be so.

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Reprogram Your Brain for More Success

Christine Comaford talks about how neuroscience can help you reprogram your brain to gain growth and prosperity instead of always playing it safe. She gives 6 main points on how you can reprogram your brain to get on the path to success.

I’m thrilled to have Christine Comaford as my guest today. She’s a global thought leader who helps mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies navigate growth and change, an expert in human… Read the full post here “

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Promising Alzheimer’s ‘drug’ halts memory loss

A new experimental approach in preventing memory loss and fixing damaged communication amongst brains cells is now showing positive results in mice. There is no other drug that has shown this particular effect on the central nervous system. This is a very exciting step forward in science and for the prevention of Alzheimers.

CHICAGO — A new class of experimental drug-like small molecules is showing great promise in targeting a brain enzyme to prevent early memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease, according to …

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How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

There are a few tricks on how to redirect facebook traffic straight to your businesses website. Using your domain is key, check out this article to see how to properly use the domain and tags throughout facebook.

Are you using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website. Did you know that when people share your website content on Facebook, you can turn that shared content into a Facebook ad.

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